Jim Gruba

Jim Gruba

Hi everyone. 2018 will be my 7th Habitat ride, and with your help I'll raise $2,000 for our local Habitat affiliate. this year we plan to build a house in Superior and another in Duluth. The families chosen to be new home owners will put hundreds of hours of "sweat equity" into the building of their home, and will have a 30 year mortgage that is affordable thanks to donations of cash, building materials, and volunteers' labor. Please join the effort by supporting my ride

I’m participating in the 26th Annual Habitat 500 Bike Ride this July to support Habitat for Humanity. I’m asking you to support this great organization by making a donation.

Did you know?

· 2,500 homeowners in Minnesota call a Habitat for Humanity home their own.

· After moving into their Habitat home, 90% of homeowners feel better about their children’s futures.

· Because of their reduced use of government assistance, Habitat homeowners in Minnesota save Minnesota taxpayers $6.4-$9.3 million annually.

· 93% of Minnesota Habitat for Humanity homeowners feel better about their futures after moving into their Habitat home.

With your help, the Habitat for Humanity can continue to provide homes to families and individuals in our area and around the world.

Please make your donation today.

Jim Gruba